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Pet Dentistry

At Wheatland, we believe animals deserve to have healthy, comfortable teeth. Dental disease is the most common diagnosis in small animals and it is quite painful. We provide exceptional dental care for your pet. 

A dental visit in pets is very similar to people, with the exception that we use anesthesia for pets. Our anesthesia is monitored professionally for safety and comfort. Our nurses probe every tooth for pockets, bleeding, and loose teeth, just like dental hygienists. 

We always perform x-rays on any diseased teeth. This is imperative, as the only way to see the entire tooth–including roots–is through x-rays. We perform our oral surgery safely and using the same pain control methods as human dentists. Our clients routinely note how pain-free and happy their pets are after their dental visit.

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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth
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Routine Dental Cleaning
Dental Health and your Pet
Removal of the Maxillary Fourth Premolar
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