Feline Services

A common misconception is that cats need very limited veterinary care. However, it is extremely important to bring cats to see us for annual exams, as many common illnesses such as heart disease, dental disease, and parasitic infections are often silent. 

At Wheatland, we strive to create a safe environment where cats will be fully comfortable in a stress free environment. We have specially constructed cat-care rooms available for our feline friends to de-stress and welcome examination. 

We also strive to ensure that your cats journey to and from our hospital is stress free. Below is a document on proper transportation for your feline friend!

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Take a Look at Wheatland's Cat Care Room!

At Wheatland, our goal is to help reduce anxiety for both you and your cat. A separate waiting area, along with a dedicated feline-only exam room is designed to provide a non-threatening atmosphere.

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